Technology & Infrastructure

Planning the future is continuous and never-ending activity at BEPL. The study of innovative solution and the applications of new technologies. Make it possible for continuous improvement of complete range of components and, in many cases, an enhancement in the performance. The experimentation of the new technical solutions and the very stringent tests which every new component is subjected to, guarantee the quality and safety of all components before being supplied.

The boiler pressure part that we manufacture are well deem fit in the range of 10MW to 500MW. Every single component right from loose tube bends to Economizer coils manufactured with great care. We have the capability to manufacture critical components namely furnace walls, boiler tubes, header and main and reheat steam lines, Superheated steam lines etc...

Total Area of the factory : 6.00 Acres. Covered space : 4000 sq m

Every invent starts with the basic research so as we, our material preparation consists of the following:

Oxy-acetylene gas cutting, pug cutting, profile cutting, Air plasma cutting, hydraulic shearing machine, friction and wheel cutting, band saw.

It is well known that welding is the most important technology, used extensively in our components. Here is the list of machineries available with us for welding.

Shielded metal arc welding, Gas metal arc welding, Tungsten arc welding, Submerged arc welding, Stud welding.

Material forming and punching machineries are as follows

Hydraulic press brake, 4roll plate bending*, 3roll plate bending, 600MT power press, Tube expander*, Furnace panel processing, Gang panel bending Machine, CNC tube and pipe bending, fly press, Squeezed Bending*, Swaging machine*

Machining Equipments

Centre lathe, Shaping, Radial drilling, Portable drilling, portable magnetic vertical drilling.

Surface preparation

Abrasive / Shot blasting and Sand blasting.

Grinding Machine

Bench grinding machine A.G.7 Grinding machine G.Q.6 Grinding machine, Flexible shaft high-speed portable Grinding machine.

Heat Treatment

Oil fired furnace of size 8000X4000X4000*, Electric furnace 3000X2000X2000*.

Non-Destructive Testing

Isotope radiography*, ultrasonic testing*, magnetic particle testing*, liquid penetrant testing, hydrostatic testing and spectrographic testing*.

*-Tied up with specialized agencies / firm

The streamlined production and assembly have been planned following "just in time" philosophy, permitting BEPL to follow global and flexible management of the complete production system. In this way it has been possible to answer diverse and specific requirements of customers.

The use of highly advanced machineries with specialized machineries together with highly experienced human resources makes it possible to achieve high level of customer satisfaction.

Power Plant

The accrual of experience and know-how achieved through many years of existence are always the preliminary point for every new customer.


Planning the future is continuous and never-ending activity at BEPL. The study of innovative solution and the applications of new technologies.

Ship Building

The awareness that the total quality depends on every single aspect, has focused our attention to implementing strict control procedures