Solar Tree

Solar Power Tree (SPT) is the perfect solution to the question of availability of the land in the future for generating solar power. It takes up only 1% of space consumed by conventional systems. It takes 4 square feet of land for a 5 KW Solar Power tree, whereas in a conventional layout, it requires 400 square feet of land. By holding the photovoltaic panels at a higher height, on on average it gets more sunrays for one hour in a day. As a result, it is possible to harness 10-15% more power in comparison to a conventional layout on ground. It can be facilitated with water sprinkler at the top of the SPT. Even the paddy lands, agro‚ÄĘgardens, roads or parks can be utilized for production of megawatts of solar power without hampering any cultivation work. It also plays major role in electrification of rural areas and national highways.

Application/Uses Generating power
Rated power 1KWp
Salient Technical Features including Competing Features Requires less land
Strong metal frame
Low maintenance


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