Concentrated Solar Thermal Solution


  • Manufactured with precision laser cut parts
  • CED-coated Mild Steel structure
  • More than 1000 Hr salt spray life
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for high wind speeds

Gear Box

  • Dual Axis tracking
  • Independent gear box for Elevation and Azimuth control
  • DC stepper motors for precise control
  • Compact design & high gear ratio
  • Very low torque requirement
  • High wind resistive


  • Low Iron high reflective index mirrors
  • Mirrors concentrate and focus energy 600 X
  • Each mirror Area Approx.-1.1 Meter X 1.1 Meter
  • Small focal point of 2 Inch X2 Inch
  • Manufactured by world leading solar glass company


  • Specially designed for maximum heat transfer
  • Cavity receiver with minimum thermal losses
  • Actively Cooled
  • Focal point of the system


  • Tracking controller on each system
  • System controller to control the whole array
  • Sensors to monitor wind speeds
  • Sensors to monitor temperature and flow

CST H3500 by QUADSUN delivers maximum productivity at minimal costs, with high performance materials optimized to provide hot water at the desired temperature. It ensures ease of installation and reliable thermal output with a low footprint. QUADSUN offers the most cost-effective solar heating solutions available in the market today. This is enabled by our unique design and production methods that combine modular product features with high reflectivity mirrors which lead to high optical efficiency.

Performance Gains Across Applications

Evaporative Solutions Steam Cooking Vapour Absorption Machine (VAM)
Waste water evaporation by using QUADSUN proprietary evaporator
Drying with QUADSUN proprietary conveyer design
Each dish produces 25kg of steam
LCOE to produce 1 kg of steam is Rs 1.50 only
After subsidy LCOE drops further to about Rs 1.20
Each dish can support a 100-child mid-day meal
Each dish generates 1 ton of cooling in good Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) areas
Cost of cooling is lower than electricity
  • Maximum Efficiency : High concentration ratio, true parabolic mirrors, efficient receiver
  • Maximum On Sun Time : Due to accurate tracking, intelligent controls and modularity
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance : Assembly on field only requires tightening bolts.
    No complicated alignments and tools.
  • Cost : Levelized cost of energy is less than coal
  • Reliability : Every part is factory tested before shipment
  • Durability : Mirrors are solar grade, structure is CED coated. Electronics are housed in weather proof enclosures
  • Heavy Duty Performance : Ideal for requirements including heating >160 °C and >250 KLPD


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