Solar Freezer/ Refrigerator= CS 240

The CS 240 is the most energy saving Solar DC freezer and refrigerator unit with 240 L capacity. Due to the Energy efficient cooling concept and Top quality craftsmanship guarantees a long useful life. High Thick insulation layer made of polyurethane ensures minimal thermal losses. Double gasket to keep long cooling. The refrigeration system is equipped with maintenance free, Brushless DC compressor. The patented low-frost system reduces the formation of condensation water and ice. A drainage opening at base simplifies the cleaning of the interior.

  • No fuel cost or Electricity Charges
  • Runs on Solar Energy with Battery Back-up
  • Long Battery Life with low Maintenance
  • Auto Low voltage shut-off with Indicator
  • Eco- friendly cooling agent (R-134a)
  • Adjustable Interior Temperature
  • Efficient PU Thermal Insulation
  • Easy to Install and us
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Highly-efficient cooling
  • Ambient Temperature: -18 to +6°C
  • Dimensions: 684 x 849 x 1144 mm
  • Auto Voltage selection: 12/24 VDC
  • Capacity: 240 L Weight: 70 Kg


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