Solar Artifact

Solar artifact is a fusion of art and technology which can be installed in various places to provide electrical power, these are having better aesthetic view for beautification of the place compare to solar tree. Solar artifact can be installed in the beaches, river banks, parks and even in the lawn of a bungalow. It holds the panels at a higher height - gets more sun. Two solar artifacts are available namely 1KW and 5KW. Both the artifacts contain standard PV cells, inverter and battery banks for producing and storing electricity from sunlight.

Application/Uses Generating power
Designed Specification of the Solar Artifacts A.Maximum power generation
capacity : 1 kW
Load capacity : 0.5 kW for 3 hours
Power Supply : 220V AC
Dimension: @ 5m x 2.5m Approx.

B.Maximum power generation
capacity : 5 kW
Load capacity : 1 kW for 10 hours
Power Supply : 220V AC
Dimension : 7 m x 5 m ox.
Salient Technical Features including Competing Features Requires less land
Simple rotating mechanism.
Strong metal frame
Low maintenance


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