Our current product profile...

Steam Generating Stations (Up to 500 MV)

Boiler pressure Parts-Economizer, Super heater, Re-heater, Headers, Coils, Bends, Stubs, Cassette baffles, protective shields etc...

Waste heat Boiler-Bed Evaporator coils, Bank tubes, Water wall panels, stud and finned tubes.

LP and HP piping-carbon steel & Alloy steel-Pipes, plate formed pipes, fittings, hangers & supports, specialty clamps etc.,

Tubular and Regenerative Air heaters-Tubular Air heaters blocks, Hot and cold End baskets, Elements etc.,

Coal Mills-Mill Housing Armouring plates, Coal Chute, Inner and outer arms etc.,

Combustion system-Coal /Oil Compartment assembly, Coal/ Oil Nozzles, Air Nozzles, Coal feeder and parts etc.,

Ducts and Dampers-Re suction Ducts, Inlet and outlet ducts, Expansion Bellows, Isolation dampers, louver and Guillotine type dampers, Casting etc.,

Pressure Vessels-CBD, IBD Tanks, Oil / Air Storage Tanks etc.,

Duct Collecting Equipments-Mech DC & E.S.Ps- Components and parts

Heaters-LP & HP Heaters, Heat Exchangers

Acoustic Control Equipments-Enclosures, Venturies, Sound Hood assemblies, Silencer Panel etc.,

Supporting Structures : Welded type and bolted type structures.

Gas Turbines

Sound Hood Assemblies, Fuel Nozzle Assemblies, Base Frame for Gas Turbines, G.T Enclosures, Outlet Venturies, Plate formed pipes, Gas turbine silencer panels etc.,

On site jobs-Boiler & Auxiliaries (Special grade boiler Contractor - CIB Approved)

Re-tubing of air Heater Blocks, Heat Exchangers etc., Replacement of Economiser, Super Heater, Re-Heater Coils & Bends etc., Replacement and Installation of LP & HP piping

Special Mining Equipments

Bucket wheel excavators and Coal conveyers- track plates, Conveyer Stress Frames, Stringer Channels, Conveyer standard sleeper with Vertical Legs, Wheel assemblies for BWE, etc.,

Automatic Panel Processing Machine

Our unit has recently designed and manufactured a machine for Automatic Welding of Water Wall Panels. Maximum width of panel can go upto 2500mm which is more than what is required for standard water wall panels. Maximum length of panel can go upto 11000mm and we have supplied panels from Tube of various Diameter from Ø38mm to Ø76mm and fin width from 24mm onwards. The process involves MIG with 2Torches and the machine is fully equipped with electronic controls for various fillet sizes, automatic start and stop, automatic synchronization of torches, hydraulic clamping automatic suction of exhaust fumes, loading and unloading of panels and also has provisions for increase in number of torches. 600Rms of welding per shift is normally achieved.


The accrual of experience and know-how achieved through many years of existence are always the preliminary point for every new customer.


Planning the future is continuous and never-ending activity at BEPL. The study of innovative solution and the applications of new technologies.

Quality & Safety

The awareness that the total quality depends on every single aspect, has focused our attention to implementing strict control procedures